Washi Tape Sticker Book in Cherry Blossom Pink

Add elegance, texture, and personality to your digital planner, notes, journals, and more with these cherry blossom themed washi tape stickers.

You can use the washi tape to add notes, labels, sections, or decorate your pages.

There are 48 different designs and 96 total tape stickers. The washi tape comes as tape “rolls” and tape pieces.


-96 Pre-cropped PNG Stickers (48 Tape Rolls and 48 Tape Pieces)
-GoodNotes Pre-cropped Washi-Tape Stickerbook
-8 Uncropped PNG sticker files


Please note that this is a digital product and no physical product will be shipped.

In addition, due to the irretrievable nature of digital files, all sales are final. Please review the listing thoroughly before purchase. Not sure if the product will work for you? Feel free to send any questions to bitofclarity@gmail.com

All designs, photography, and content are the property of © Bit of Clarity.
For personal use only. These files may not be resold, recreated, redistributed, or reproduced.

Perfect, reusable, and so cute!

Absolutely perfect! The quality is great and the hyperlinks are super helpful. I love how it comes undated so I can reuse it year after year. The minimalist design makes it super easy to navigate and it has so many features/add-ons to help me organize my day! Thank you!
- Gabby F.

The best digital notebook!

My husband bought this notebook for me because I just couldn't take the plunge to buy ANOTHER digital product. However, I am so glad he did. I work full time in the medical field and I am in graduate school. I am completely digital in all of my classes and I have used numerous digital notebooks and applications. This is, without a doubt, the best digital notebook I have ever used. First, and most importantly, there is no lag! I can jump from page to page without any issues. Second, there are a ton of options for notebook 'paper.' I personally like the options for columns (single, 50/50, 30/70 or Cornell) and then I can choose from dotted, squared, lined grid or blank pages. The options are endless. This notebook also includes a to-do list, monthly/weekly planning grids, activity trackers, and habit trackers. Its got it all! Third, I love the soft color. Its easy on the eyes and doesn't cause strain. And last, I absolutely love the simplicity of the format and the clean lines. Its very minimalistic and not busy. If you're thinking about purchasing a digital notebook, this would be the one!
- Felicia C

This is YOUR planner!

I have to confess, I have purchased about 5 planners this year alone. None of them have what this planner has! I am a full time nurse and a graduate student, this planner has saved my life. First, this planner has NO LAG! I have three other planners where there is a lag and the pages do not load completely or very fast. Second, this planner is undated so you can reuse this planner year after year. Third, this planner is easy on the eyes with its soft colors and clean lines. A minimalists dream. Fourth, I love other pages that are included in this planner like to goal sheets, affirmations, self care, and the rituals/routines. This planner has helped me simplify my daily routine, organize my school life and plan for my future!!!!
- Felicia
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