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How to Be Lucky in Life

Have you ever looked at someone, and thought, they’re so lucky.

How did they get so lucky in life?

You might also ask, “why am I so unlucky?”

By definition, luck is “a force that brings good fortune or adversity”

Everyone wants to be lucky. No one wants to be unlucky.

Luck is prevalent in our culture. There are many superstitions and rituals around luck. Some examples include crossing your fingers, knocking on wood, wishbones, etc.

As a result, we believe luck is out of our control.

However, I believe that you can generate your own luck. You don’t have to rely on it to build a life you love. In fact, you shouldn’t.

In this blog post, I will be sharing my experiences with luck and how you can generate your own luck. I’ll show you how you too can be lucky in life.

My experience with luck

Where you’re born and who your parents are factors we can’t control.

For a long time, I thought I wasn’t lucky because I wasn’t born in a rich family. Growing up, my family had to budget and we had to be mindful of our spending.

I assumed those who did well in school were wealthy and lucky. Otherwise, how else would they receive all those opportunities?

As a result, I didn’t put in efforts towards my goals. I thought, why try when there are people who are lucky?

When I stopped victimizing myself, I realized that the person I compared myself to also faced many struggles. Struggles far harder than mine.

Plus, when I reflected on my achievements, I realized that the big driving forces were my efforts, persistence, and mindset.

Sure, having a wealthy family helps, but focusing on the things I couldn’t control wasn’t productive. All it did was discourage me from taking action.

Let’s get into how you can generate your own luck through your own efforts.

1. Adopt a positive mindset and ditch the negative one

In the past, I was extremely pessimistic.

I thought everything and everyone was out to get me.

I fixated on my negative experiences and used them to justify my lack of luck.

Eventually, it turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let me give you a more specific example.

In college, I was invited to join a start-up due to a professor’s recommendation.

But with my mindset, I thought the start up would fail. I also didn’t think I’d be chosen. I thought other people would be chosen over me.

But reflecting back, the odds were stacked up against my favor. Not many people were invited and I was recommended by a professor.

Sure, there was a chance I’d be rejected, but I was already rejected when I chose not to interview.

Luck was in front of me, but I squandered it with my negative thinking.

When you have an optimistic mindset, everything turns into an opportunity: an opportunity to learn, better yourself, pursue your goals, and more.

With a positive mindset, you’ll find luck and see those golden opportunities.

Being optimistic makes it easier to seek out luck. Because what you seek, you will eventually find.

2. Take action and be persistent

A big reason why so many people fail is because they give up too early.

For example, I’m a blogger. For the first few months, no one was reading my articles.

Despite that, I persisted and continued to learn and post new articles.

There were times I felt defeated, but I never thought about giving up. I knew there was so much to learn and improve upon as a novice blogger.

And after writing many articles, one of my blog posts took off.

This might look like luck to most people.

However, if I never started my blog, took the necessary action, and showed up, even when no one was there, then none of this would’ve happened.

I created my own luck by continuously taking action. When I tried more things, I increased my chances of luck finding me.

It might take years and even decades before you get what you want. But if you consistently take action, luck will find you much faster.

Whatever you want to do, start now.

3. Only focus on the things you can control

My relatives constantly daydream about winning the lottery. They believe it’s their only ticket to wealth, happiness, and fulfillment.

They bank their happiness on the rare chance that they do win the lottery.

It’s true that there are things that happen because of pure dumb luck, such as winning the lottery on your first try.

But why focus so heavily on the things you can’t control? Why would you let that small chance determine whether or not you can be happy?

When you focus on what you can’t control, you’ll only feel more helpless and hopeless.

You don’t achieve things by solely focusing on the outcome and you certainly get anything relying solely on luck alone. You don’t become lucky by focusing on external factors.

Virality Case Study

Virality embodies the concept of pure luck. You’re lucky because you got boosted by the algorithm.

However, many people ignore the effort put into a viral video. Very rarely do people create viral videos from the start.

To paint a better picture, let me tell you about Mr. Beast. If you don’t know Mr. Beast, he’s a YouTuber with over 50 million YouTube subscribers.

However, this didn’t happen overnight.

It took him 6 years of consistently posting videos before he even got a breakthrough. He was constantly learning and assessing his strategy. If something didn’t work, he’d try something different.

If you do the same thing over and over and expect different results, then you’re just delusional.

There’s also a curse to virality. For example, if you’re a new youtuber and your first video goes viral, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

It’s nice because you suddenly have an audience of people.

On the flip side, it’s a lot harder to sustain that success. That’s why a lot of creators who have a first viral video can never replicate that success and often times, fall off the bandwagon.

Mr. Beast maintained his virality and grew even more because he developed his work ethic, accumulated a lot of knowledge, and is consistently seeking to improve.

Being Lucky in Life

You should never put your happiness and the outcome of your life into external “forces” like luck.

Instead, you should take control over your life. Once you do that, it’ll become infinitely easier to become lucky in life.

Pure, dumb luck is incredibly rare to come by and is unpredictable.

But if you can spot out luck and even create your own, luck becomes inevitable. Instead of you seeking luck, luck starts to seek you. Being lucky in life will then be your destiny.

If you want assistance and clarity on building your dream life, I created a free journaling workbook that you can use to help you find your path in life.


If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to share it with anyone who you think needs it. With these tips, anyone can be lucky in life.

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