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9 Hidden Digital Planning and Note-taking Tips for GoodNotes you Need to Know

Friends, let me tell you, digital planning and note-taking is so convenient.

Not only that, but there are so many digital planning and note-taken gems not many people know about: time-saving digital planning tips, best digital planning practices, GoodNotes planning features, and so much more.

There are so many ways we can optimize our digital experiences to make us more productive. If you’re a busy student or just a person all-around, you will want to stick around.

In this blog post, I’ll be showing you 9 Ways to make Digital Planning and Note-taking Easier for You. 

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#1: Double Tap on the Apple Pencil 2

Some of you may know this, but I definitely didn’t when I first started.

If you own the second-generation Apple pencil, you can double-tap on your pencil to effortlessly switch from the pencil tool to the eraser tool. 

It might not seem like a big deal, but having to move your pen to the eraser button every time you make a mistake (if you’re like me, then it’s a lot) gets pretty annoying.

Being able to erase your mistakes at the literal tip of your fingers is revolutionary! I feel like I’m performing a magic trick everytime I do it.

If you own an Apple Pencil 2, do try it! It will definitely save you time.

#2: Bookmark your pages

If you own a hyperlinked planner, most pages are easy to access.

However, if you’re taking notes in your digital planner or notebook, then it may be hard to access and find certain pages.

This is especially true if you have hundreds of pages of notes. (Yes, I see your struggles my fellow student friends).

An easy solution around this is to bookmark the page so you can immediately access it whenever you need it. 

To bookmark the page, just tap on the bookmark icon in the navigation bar. It is located to the right of the magnifying glass.

Once you bookmark a page, you can then find it by tapping the four square icon, and then tapping the favorites tab!

You can bookmark multiple pages and refer back to them whenever you want.

I use this method all the time when I take notes or journal in my planner. It is one of my favorite digital planning tips.

It saves so much time and I really wish I utilized this feature earlier.

#3 Utilize the Split-screen function

ipad study split screen
What the Split Screen Function looks like

Before, when using digital stickers, I would have to switch to a different tab, grab the sticker, and then go back to my planner. I would repeat this process whenever I wanted to use a sticker.

However, little did I know, I could conveniently have two GoodNotes windows open on my iPad.

To do this, just drag the GoodNotes file you want open, hold onto it, and drag it to the side you want open.

You can use the split-screen function effortlessly drag in digital stickers from a different Goodnotes file, grab info, take notes, and so much more.

#4: Use digital stickers to make tasks and text stand out

paperless student ultimate guide goodnotes

To help certain text and tasks stand out, digital stickers are truly a great tool for that.

Digital stickers add contrast and personality to your planner pages. They also stand out, further helping you remember key tasks and events.

Personally, I love using digital sticky notes to write key tasks. In the Bit of Clarity shop, you can purchase digital sticky notes to use forever.

I use them in planner pages, my notes, and so much more — they’re minimalist, cute, and help so much in my digital planning and note-taking.

#5: Use the Search function to quickly find information

If you want to find something quickly but forgot to bookmark the page, you can use the search function. 

Even if you handwrite your notes, GoodNotes can recognize your handwriting and account that into their search. 

digital planning tips goodnotes lasso

My handwriting is far from being pristine and perfect, but the search tool can still read my handwriting without any trouble.

#6: Save color presets

Isn’t it frustrating when you use a pen color you like but can’t ever find it again out of the thousands of hex codes for that color?

That’s why it’s essential to save your favorite colors in your presets.

To do this, tap on the color swatch for either the pen or highlighter tool, tap presets, and then tap edit. You should then be able to add a color of your choice.

Once you save it, you can refer to it whenever you want. No more scrambling to find the color you last used!

If you find that you use certain colors frequently, it’s a smart idea to load them into the 3 color spots in the toolbar. This will definitely save you time.

#7: Categorize files

If you don’t have many files, it might not be something you have to worry about. 

But if you keep multiple notebooks, journals, planners, PDF files, and school files like I do, then it’s necessary to get those organized.

The GoodNotes organization tool is exactly like how you’d categorize files on your laptop.

You can create different folders, sub-folders, and place files into the appropriate spot. 

A cleaner digital environment will save you time and will allow you to be more productive overall. 

#8: Lasso Tool Tips

If you’re new to using GoodNotes, the lasso tool is super handy!

On my daily planner pages, I use it to move around text, stickers, images, and more. 

However, I used to get frustrated when I tried to move something, everything else wanted to move too. 

However, there’s a way on GoodNotes to mostly isolate the object you’re trying to move.

To help you move things easier, turn off the items you don’t want to move in your selection. By doing this, I saved myself a lot of hassle and frustration. 

#9: Use a planner and notebook that is already hyperlinked.

Out of all the digital planning tips I listed out today, this one is the most important.

While you can bookmark pages and scroll around on a planner that isn’t hyperlinked, a hyperlinked planner will save you SO much hassle.

It’s a lot more efficient and the amount of time you save is immediately noticeable compared to a paper planner or a planner that isn’t hyperlinked. 

All our planners and notebooks in our shop are high-quality and hyperlinked. They are all designed with ease, intuitiveness, convenience, and beauty in mind.

If you’re an excellent student, businesswoman, entrepreneur, or someone with a set vision who is interested in digital note-taking and planning, check out our digital planners and notebooks.

All of our planners are undated. You only need to buy it once and you can use it forever. You’ll save so much money and time! (Lifetime updates are also included!)

Happy digital planning and note-taking my dear friend!

Let us know if you have any questions about digital planning and note-taking in the comments below! What are your favorite digital planning tips?


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