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7 Best Bullet Journal Motivation Tips: How to Get in the Journaling Mood

How do you get in the bullet journaling mood? How do you find the motivation to sit down and set-up/update your bullet journal?

For me, I always want to bullet journal but never get around to it. I would set the intention to bullet journal but end up getting distracted and side-tracked. As you may figure, I didn’t end up touching my bullet journal that day.

However, I finally took some action to ensure that I touch my bullet journal. When I got down and started bullet journaling, everything was so easy. It makes me wonder why I never sat down and did anything in the first place

That is when I realized is that the hardest part is simply getting started. After you start and find your focus, the rest is easy peasy.

In this post, I want to share my bullet journal motivation tips and how I pinpoint my focus on my bullet journaling. 


1. Make a Bullet Journal Soundtrack

Good tunes help me get right into the bullet journaling zone. When I turn the music on and put in my earphones, I know it’s time for me to focus.

You can create playlists on YouTube or Spotify to have a steady flow of good music coming in. I prefer to listen to more calming music, such as instrumental soundtracks, jazz, classical, and more. Upbeat and more intense music distracts me and pulls me out of the zone. 

You can also use your music as a source of inspiration for your bullet journal! For example, if I want to create a Harry Potter-themed spread, I’ll put on tunes from the Harry Potter soundtrack.


2. Make Time for your Bullet Journal

Create a dedicated time for it. Block it in your diary, just make sure it’s a priority in your journal. This makes it a lot more likely for you to work on your journal instead of pushing it off for “next time.” 

This will also hold you accountable to complete the task. If you want to learn more about time-blocking and planning, check out our blog post on how to effectively plan your day.


3. Create or Find your Ideal Bullet Journaling Environment

Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee. Being in a relaxing and cozy environment will help you get into that bullet journal mood.  Choose to work at someplace that is helps you focus. Here are some ideas of where you can journal:

  • Coffee shops (my personal favorite)
  • Library (public library or your own)
  • Casual eateries and cafes
  • Home office
  • In a cozy spot in your room

You can also set up your desk/workspace to make it cozier and suitable for bullet journaling. Here are some things I would recommend:

Fairy lights

I love the cozy environment fairy lights help give. It helps stimulate my creativity and calms me down. Furthermore, fairy lights make a good edition in your bullet journal photos!

To get fairy lights, click here.


Bulletin Board

Tack ideas and inspirations here. You can collect pieces and keep ideas here to insert them into your bullet journal.

Furthermore, I recommending having all your supplies handy and ready to use. If everything is already laid out for you, there is suddenly no excuse for you not to bullet journal.

To get a bulletin board ready and handy, click here!


4. Eliminate All Distractions

It’s hard to complete any task, especially bullet journaling if you’re constantly distracted. There were times where I set out time to bullet journal, only to get distracted by social media and text messaging. To prevent this, here are some things you can do:

  • Get rid of distracting window browsers
  • Turn off unimportant phone notifications
  • Find a peaceful and quiet spot
  • Eliminate distracting noises if possible
  • Turn of the television if it’s distracting you

The hardest part about bullet journaling for me is getting into the zone. However, once I eliminate distractions and find my focus, everything soon falls into place.


5. Be sure to Complete Other Urgent Responsibilities First

It’s hard to get into the zone if you have countless unfulfilled obligations. Before you sit down and set up your bullet journal spreads and pages, be sure you complete your urgent tasks for the day.

Once you finish your necessary tasks, you can then fully enjoy working on your bullet journal and focus all your attention on it.


6. Gather Bullet Journal Inspiration 

My first step to a project is to look to Pinterest for motivation. Finding good inspiration will get your creative juices flowing. When you’re inspired, it’s a lot easier to jump straight into creating. 

There are many places you can get inspiration from. You can just YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, favorite books, artists, and my favorite, Pinterest. There are endless inspiration sources out there that you can use.

If you want to see daily inspiration, follow our board on Pinterest!


7. Bullet Journal with Friends

I love having bullet journal coffee dates with friends. Surrounding myself with others who are doing similar tasks helps me immerse myself in what I’m doing.

Set up a bullet journaling, drawing, or study date where you both do focused work. 



When you start bullet journaling, you won’t want to stop. Sometimes, the hardest part of bullet journaling is just sitting down and starting. You can use these tips to help you focus and also help stimulate creativity.

To give an overview, here are the 7 ways you can get into the bullet journaling mood:

  1. Make a Bullet Journal Soundtrack
  2. Set up a time for your bullet journal
  3. Create a nice environment where you can focus
  4. Eliminate all distractions
  5. Be sure to complete other pressing tasks
  6. Gather Inspiration first
  7. Bullet Journal with Friends

What is your bullet journal motivation? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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