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35 Quarantine Bullet Journal Ideas for Productivity and Creativity

During these unknown times, it’s normal to feel uneasy. The world as we know it has come to a halt and we’re stuck at home in quarantine. Our old routine is no more and we are left to adapt to this sudden change. 

Now that we’re stuck home, it’s the perfect time to experiment with some new bullet journal ideas. If you have yet to start your bullet journal, now is a perfect time. 

In this blog post, I will go over 35 fun quarantine bullet journal ideas that you can try today.


Quarantine Bullet Journal Ideas:

Here are some bullet journal ideas that you can try in your bullet journal. I included a mix of productive and fun pages that will keep you both occupied and productive!


1. Quarantine Bucket List

Despite being stuck at home, there a lot of things you can still do. For example, you can still learn a new language or skill, listen to new music, watch new shows, bake, and more. Especially with the extra time, it might be worth trying something you haven’t done before.

To keep track of all of the things you want to or plan on doing, you can create a quarantine bucket list. In mine, I simply created different oval shapes for different categories.


2. Goals Page

With the extra time on your hands, it’s a perfect opportunity to revisit and reassess your goals. With the bustle and hustle of everyday life, it’s hard to find time to figure out what you really want in life. 

In my goals page, I sorted it by relevant categories in my life and placed each goal in the appropriate oval. This spread reminds me of my long-term goals and pushes me to take action on them.


3. Habit Tracker

When you’re stuck at home, the days start to blur together. For the first two weeks at home, my routine consisted of waking up 5 minutes before work, staying in my pajamas all day, constant unhealthy snacking, and going to bed super late.

I noticed how unproductive this was. Even though you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you still can’t have a healthy and productive schedule. A habit tracker will encourage and instill healthy habits.

After using my habit tracker for a week, I found myself back on track before the quarantine — I was eating well again, exercising, and sleeping at a normal time.

If you’re interested in the habit tracker template, you can download it from the VIP Library.


4. Affirmation Log

Another way you can use this extra time by practicing affirmations. Affirmations help change your mindset to better prepare you for achieving your goals. They also help boost your self-esteem and confidence.

My affirmation page is super simple. I just use a numbered list to write down my affirmations. Doing this ingrained these statements into my mind and gives me the confidence to work towards my goals.


5. Gratitude Log

gratitude log quarantine bullet journal idea

Despite these trying times, there is still so much to be grateful for. Practicing gratitude helps me stay optimistic and hopeful during these rough times.

This is a simple, yet effective spread, and will definitely bring light and positivity in your days.


6. Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes quarantine bullet journal idea

Motivational quotes always push me to do the things I need to. Somedays, especially these days, I don’t want to do anything at all. However, my goals won’t be reached by themselves.

I gathered a few of my favorite motivational quotes and put them onto this page. Whenever I need motivation or inspiration, I always turn to this page.


7. My Playlist

If you’re bored, this is a fun spread to try. Listening to good music always uplifts me and even motivates me. I created a spread of my April playlist and the tunes that I’m always putting on repeat. I then used colors I thought best represented the song.


8. Books to Read

With all this extra time, it’s the perfect opportunity to read more! Maybe you have some books you haven’t touched. Or maybe there are some new books you want to read! You can still read electronically and get instant access to e-books. Don’t let quarantine deter you from reading new books.

This is a fairly simple spread. I created books on bookshelves and populated them with various book titles. Give it a shot!


9. Daily Routine Spread

It’s important to maintain a routine, even when you’re at home all day. To keep me stimulated, productive, and sane, I created a schedule for myself to follow. I made sure to incorporate a healthy balance of work and leisure.


Additional Cool Ideas to Try

If you want to try other bullet journal ideas, here is a list that might inspire you!


Self-Care and Discovery


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  • Self-Care activities
  • Vision Board
  • Mood board
  • Brain dump
  • Mind-mapping
  • What I love about myself page
  • Mood tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • About me page




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  • To-do list
  • Meal-prep spread
  • Grocery list
  • Budgeting Page
  • Birthday Page
  • Cleaning Schedule/tasks
  • Workout tracker
  • Timeline/log
  • Recipe Page




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  • TV Shows I’ve Watch/Want to Watch
  • Movies I’ve Watch/Want to Watch
  • Games to play
  • Game log/tracker
  • Page about your favorite band/movie/show/game/character/etc.
  • Art/Doodle spread
  • Nail polish collection
  • Lyrics Page



Although things are rough now, they will get better. While you wait this out, use these quarantine bullet journal ideas to keep yourself busy and establish your bullet journal practice. Experiment with new ideas and bullet journal supplies.

What is keeping you sane during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

Please share or comment if you enjoyed this blog post. Thanks for reading — Stay safe, healthy, and stay at home everyone! If you want to see more bullet journal ideas, follow us on Pinterest!

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