Bit of Clarity Shop Mission

Bit of Clarity is committed to helping you find a healthy balance between work, play,
and relaxation. Our carefully crafted digital tools are designed to give you the power to live a
more intentional and purposeful life. 

Instead of promoting the hustle, and never-ending work, we aim to enhance your life, along with your productivity, in a healthy and holistic way. 

We strongly believe that you do not have to sacrifice your day-to-day happiness in order to
reach your goals. 

“Intentional living isn’t about giving up your dreams and ambitions;
It’s about eliminating the noise so you can focus on what you truly love and need.”

Where it started...

We’re a society that’s obsessed with being busy. Our to-do lists are packed with endless tasks and we feel a constant pressure to always be doing something.

But deep down, do you ever desire a life that is slower, more purposeful, and more intentional? 

Imagine a life where you get to savor every moment and find joy in the day-to-day life.
One where every day is full of the
magic of enjoying the little things. 

At Bit of Clarity, we stand behind your desire for intentional, simple, and sustainable. Our goal is to help you plan and live a life that starts today instead of tomorrow.  

To help you, we create sustainable, minimalist, and easy-to-use digital journals, planners, and printables, that will help you with your quest for a simpler, slower, and more appreciative life.  

No matter what your circumstances are, you can incorporate simple and slow in your life. Whether you’re a student, a busy parent, running a business, an working an office job, or all of
that combined. 

Mindfulness and intentional living is achievable no matter where you are in life.

You can find digital planning, journaling, and slow-living tips on our blog that will serve and inform you.