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13 Minimalist April Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

With April approaching, it means a new cover for the month. I created 13 simple, easy, and minimalist designs for your April bullet journal cover page! 

If you are new to digital bullet journaling, I recommend you check out my comprehensive beginner’s guide to starting a digital bullet journal.

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I used the iPad Pro 12.9 inch (the iPad Pro 11 inch works just as well) and the Apple pencil 2 to create my cover pages. In addition to that, I created them on the Procreate app and transferred into the GoodNotes app, where I journal.

If you don’t have an iPad, you can recreate these looks on whatever tablet you have or with your traditional notebook and art supplies.

If you do decide to recreate these looks using art supplies, I recommend using a variety of colorful, high-quality pens. Check out bullet journal pen recommendations if you’re wondering where to start!

1. Minimal and Sleek

If you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing and simple, you should definitely use this design. The minimalistic shapes, coloring, and line art add an ethereal and mystical look and feel.

With this design, I decided it would look best on two spreads. My favorite part about a digital bullet journal is that you can use however many spreads you need or want.

3. Bubbly

April bullet journal cover bubbly

With warmer weather coming, you can’t help but feel excited and bubbly inside. I channeled those feelings into my lettering here.

This April header uses thick and strong strokes, in addition to sketchy and personable outlines. If you want something spontaneous and fun, definitely try this.

3. Strong Bright Strokes 

For another easy header idea, I went with all-caps lettering with artistic brushes. This style is great for lettering and bullet journal newbies, as it is easy to recreate and give an exciting and fresh feeling.

4. Simple Script 

This header is simple and easy to recreate. I used a flat color as the lettering base and added shading and shine afterward.

4. Delicate 

Here is a simple and minimalist header for April! I used the pencil brush to give it more personality and a more cozy feel paired with a simple line drawing.

5. Watercolor 


This is a simple, yet elegant look to kickstart your April. If you’re using ProCreate, you can easily recreate this look with the watercolor brush. I used the watercolor brush as the textured background and a calligraphy brush for the April lettering.

6. Look

Here is a simpler cover. It entails clean calligraphy and simple flower doodles to channel the spring spirit. If you’re looking for something simple, I encourage you to try this!

7. Cherry Blossom Petal Ring

I remember seeing petals fly in the sky throughout April and feeling like a princess walking through the petals.

This is easier to recreate (digitally at least) than you think. I used the circle as a base, drew some petals, and then copy and pasted the petal groups around the circle. This will give your journal an elegant and regal look.

7. Simple Text

At first glance, you can probably tell that this is pretty simple. However, it’s peppy and versatile depending on what colors you use.

If you’re a lettering beginner, this is the perfect header for you. You can do so much with this — you can use all-caps, lowercase, script, and more. The possibilities are endless.

8. Informal Laurel

Lately, I’ve really been into the delicate and soft aesthetic. I absolutely adore all lowercase typography. This is an easy and fun look to use for your April bullet journal cover. I used a pencil brush in Procreate to give that sketchy and homey feeling.

9. Flowers Blooming

What is something else you think of when you hear April or Spring? For me, it’s definitely the flowers that are blooming. I chose a cherry blossom, but you’re free to draw whatever flower you wish.

I love the contrast of light and textured drawings on top of bolder and crisp lettering. You should definitely try this look and make it your own.

Here is another example of the same concept. There is so much you can do to make it unique and gorgeous.

10. Light and Airy

This is a look I’ve seen other bullet journalers use and thought it would be appropriate for April. I chose a light and fluffy color for the lettering and drew flowers throughout the word.

11. Ombre

I love using ombre on letters. The variation of colors adds depth, dimension, and personality to an otherwise flat look.

You can also overlay different textures to give it even more dimensionality.

Here is another example of an ombre lettering look I did.

12. Bouncy Sketch

April Bullet Journal Cover Idea

I created this look using the pencil brush and by layering two different colors. I opted for a more bouncy and fun lettering style. If you’re looking for a casual, simple, and easy header, this is something you should try.

13. Cherry Blossom Tree Branch

The main thing I think about when it comes to spring is cherry blossoms. I got some inspiration from traditional Japanese paintings with their strong, sketchy, and spontaneous strokes.

I used the brushes on Procreate to give off a sketchy and painterly look for the cherry blossom branch. You don’t have to be artistically inclined or a super talented artist to recreate this look.

Last Words

I hope you gathered enough inspiration and ideas for your April bullet journal cover page. There are so many different possibilities and things you can do! If you do try it, do let us know so we can feature you!

What is your favorite style of lettering? Please let us know in the comments below!

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